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FernanFloo and JuegaGerman


FernanFloo and JuegaGerman is an action-strategy game where these two characters will be part of a hard confrontation, you can choose a favorite character with the sole mission of eliminating your opponent at all levels and thereby turn your character at best of the world. To do this you must throw bombs and blow your opponent to smithereens, FernanFloo and JuegaGerman is a fun and bloody game, you should play only if you have the courage.+ An impressive design+ Extremely Funny+ Easy to play, hard to win+ Completely Free (non-stop shopping)+ Lightweight for all phones and tablets+ Save your progress automatically+ Many levels to have big fun+ Physical realistic+ Sympathetic Sounds+ Intuitive game
FernanFloo against JuegaGerman is the game you were expecting. Try it now
offered by Crazy & Fun Free Games